Avatar of Fire

The debut album of Phoenix Titan. 9 songs, 40 minutes of headbanging Heavy Metal. Released on 27.9.2019

Torment of Vanity

Single release from Avatar of Fire. Relentless Heavy Metal. Released on 6.8.2019.

This album has brilliant performances, amazing production and incredibly strong songs – but none of that would matter if not for the energy. This relatively unknown band have provided an album that is powered by sheer raw determination and energy, that bleeds through from every note played. I highly recommend this album to any Metal-lovers out there. It’s forty minutes of fun, and doesn’t everyone deserve that once in a while?

Younger bands could learn a thing or two from Phoenix Titan when it comes to critical idea execution, laser sharp focus on all the key parts that make a song distinct and memorable. Avatar of Fire will be another fine album to add to your collection if you like heavy metal with that Finnish finesse and respect that makes you scream, shout and headbang along in all the right places.

Sävellystyö ja levyn tekninen toteutus on sellaisella tasolla, että kyllä tämän olisi yhtä lailla voinut julkaista jokin pienempi keskieurooppalainen levylafka. Bändillä on nimittäin kykyä ja näkemystä.