Who the hell are these guys?

harri ahola

Titan of voice, the man behind the aural golden moments of force. Front of the band, enjoying his time on the middle of the stage behind the microphone. And oh boy, he’s not afraid to use it.

topi vuorela

You know those blazing fast guitar solos? Here’s the man behind most of them. The artist soul of the band, Topi knows his way around the higher frets of the guitar really freaking quickly.

santtu rautiainen

There’s a stream of chugging riffs and striking melodies coming steadily from this mans guitar. Plays pretty much everything and anything. At least if it’s Black Sabbath.

juhana ovaska

With a massive wall of sound, this guy is making everything sound cohesive and fitting the striking melodies and blasting drums together. Has been spotted behind a computer once or twice.

tatu rautiainen

The drums call for war, and they call it really loud. Not the most silent drummer ever, but when you can blast those beats and fills like Tatu can, there’s absolutely no need to play them softly. And the drums are sparkling purple, so that’s a bonus.